When Should You Wear Sweatpants?


Adopting a minimalist style can lead to a certain level of boundary pushing (i.e. limiting what you buy means making tradeoffs and may warrant breaking a few dresscode rules). So it's understandable why casual looks are often suggested for building a capsule wardobe or daily uniform

However, with sweats popping up on the runway — sometimes styled with formal or professional pieces — just how far will the shift towards informality in the workplace will go? Mr. Porter, amongst other brands and retailers, seems to suggest that with proper styling sweats can be integrated into the business casual line up. 


Designers like James Perse have been steadily elevating the role of casual wear in our closets, but this is taking the athleisure trend to an entirely new level. It's one thing to purchase high-quality multi-use items that you can look good in at the gym as well as around the house or when running errands. It's another to suggest that these items qualify for office gear. 

If you are a freelancer, digital nomad, or anyone with the flexibility to work remotely, it seems like a no-brainer. Even startup employees may be able to get away with swapping denim for a nice tailored pair of sweats. But what about in a corporate setting? Are we there yet? 

You can assume that not everyone will welcome workplace sweats with open arms. There are still limitations and even in the most relaxed of office settings you should use good judgement before deciding to pull this off. 

That said, there's no denying the appeal of being able to spend the workday in a comfy pair of sweats. And knowing that you can put together a stylish look with the high-quality options available, makes it that much more attractive.  


Images via James Perse and photographer Nikki Ormerod. The video "How to Wear Sweatpants" was published by Mr. Porter. 

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