7 Functional & Minimal Apps


We have these iPhone apps on heavy rotation for their UX and usefulness. 

We're suckers for sleek interfaces, clean typography, and intuitive navigation. But even with the right design elements, an app still risks being deleted if it can't be integrated into our day-to-day. 

These apps have it all – beauty, utility, and affordability (most are free) – and have managed to become a few of our favorite iPhone staples. 


For any type of unit conversion this should be your go-to resource. As frequent travelers we use it often for currency, temperature, and apparel size conversions, however the app has hundreds of other features including mass, length/distance, cooking, and speed. It is much more efficient to whip out this handy app than googling say, USD to EURO, on a regular basis.


The standard iPhone calculator is just fine so it's hard to justify downloading a duplicate app. Thing is, this one looks so much better and has custom fonts and colors (useful if the bright orange in the iPhone version feels off-putting) along with a few more functions and features. Moreover, it also looks good on the iPad which doesn't have a built in calculator.


This is the app we use to replace Mailbox. We originally turned to Inbox by Gmail but found the navigation and interface way too cluttered. We tried a few more Mailbox-esq solutions and Email is about as close as it gets to replicating the clean and seamless UX of Mailbox. For an easy way to get to inbox zero, give it a try. 


If you love the idea of journaling but find it hard to stay disciplined enough to write on a daily basis, this is for you. This is a beautiful app with an outstanding set of features that make it easy for you to muse and reflect. Your daily entries are made up of "grids" which are a set of simple questions (you can choose from or create on your own) that prompt a more focused response. You can easily read and share including exporting to other apps like Evernote.


This is the epitome of a minimalist to-do list manager. If you require any kind of advanced task managing features this isn't for you. This is completely stripped down and straight to the point. You can add simple tasks, reminders, and a "focus timer" with most of the features manageable on one screen. You also have the ability to search tasks, change theme colors, and adjust simple settings like snooze time, but that's about it. We love it for that reason, but if you want something more advanced try Swipes.


This is one of the best ambient noise resources we've found for focusing or relaxing. It's nothing more than a handful of clean screens with subtle colors and simple icons representing the different high-quality soundtracks (cafe, train, water, wind, birds) you can choose from. It also allows you to mix your own sound combinations and create timers and fade outs. We keep this running on low in the background everyday.


The most beautiful image capturing and editing app on the market. Hands down. We love it for the sophisticated filters that enhance our photos 10-fold. VSCO is also a community of photographers and you can publish your content in-app like you would other social networks and explore the work of others.