Trends in Minimalism: Marble Textures & Surfaces



Want to add a touch of glam to your minimalist space without going overboard? Look no further. 

Marble has a long-standing association with design having been used in sculpture and architecture since classical times. It's beauty is in its gleaming surface and intricate natural patterns available in color varieties associated with its origins – such as Parian from the Island of Paros (pure white), Carrara of Tuscany (blue gray), and Etowah (salmon pink) from Georgia USA. Its utility, however, is in its sturdiness and reliability as a building and crafting material. 

We're spotting marbled textures and surfaces in a range of home furniture and decor, as well as personal accessories, and prefer when it is used as an eye-catching yet subtle embellishment to an otherwise sparse piece. 

We've curated some of our favorite marbled goods from a range of designers and artisans as interior design ideas or inspiration for your personal style. 

Image Credit: click images to be directed to designers' websites.  


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