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Celebrate the everyday things 


I'm a purveyor and curator of design with a dual mission: build a more balanced relationship with our things and discover objects worth owning. 

Minimalism is a publication and concept shop for fellow design enthusiasts with discerning taste. It's a new way to discover minimalist brands worthy of your desire via: 

Curated collections – tightly edited shop of everyday essentials by lifestyle theme 

Premium parcels – subscription to assembled sets of luxe goods delivered quarterly

Contextual editorials – short stories about minimalist brands, experiences, and ideas


Founder's Note

I'm Aja Nicole Edmond, the "chief curator", and I've been a minimalist for most of my adult life. As I started to develop a strong aesthetic sensibility it created a conflict: how can I reconcile my views around simple living with my appreciation for beautiful, well-designed things?

Minimalism is a project born out of that tension. After recognizing that extreme minimalism is no better than extreme consumerism, I sought to define a more balanced perspective for myself and others. 

This destination is an intentionally small labor of love run by myself and a few like-minded supporters. My desire is simply to have a thoughtful conversation around the objects we integrate into our lifestyle, and to support brands that design endearing goods worth owning.


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Brand Partnerships

I collaborate with a limited number of designers, brands and retailers via customized sponsored stories, affiliate programs, or wholesale agreements.  Contact me to learn more. 



Minimalism is a member of the Minimalism & Co. family of brands. My portfolio includes Purvey, a brand design curator and marketing consultancy, and Unadorned, a simple living journal.