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    student testimonials

    I consider myself a seasoned minimalist so didn’t think this course would be useful but was curious and figured I’d check it out anyway. Wow was I proved wrong. Never think you are too experienced to learn! The course is so thoughtful and well structured. It covers a broad range of lifestyle situations. For example, I never thought about applying simplicity to my relationships. I was neglecting family and friends to get my businesses off the ground and this helped me find more work/life balance.
    — Matthew, Programmer/Entrepreneur
    As a mom with young twins I desperately needed to learn how to manage everything I have going on in my life (including my children’s crazy schedules). This course motivated me to uncover areas where I was wasting time and energy — and eliminate them so I could be focused.
    — Yvonne, Nurse & Mother
    I’m starting a whole new phase of my life: my kids are all grown and out of the house and I just retired at a pretty young age. I no longer have any commitments. I’ve worked very hard and want to jumpstart this exciting new phase by making life easier and less complicated. So far this course is showing me how.
    — Daniel, Retired Engineer
    My work is demanding and mentally exhausting so I can’t afford to have petty things draining my already limited energy! I was overwhelmed and looking for ways to minimize stress outside of work. At first I didn’t think I had time for a course! But everything is structured so well. It gave me so many different ideas for simplifying ... things I never would have thought of.
    — Frederic, Political Strategist
    I started reading about the concept of minimalism and eventually got to a point where I wanted to test out whether this could work for me, especially being a design student and having a hectic schedule. I didn’t know where to start and like how this course curates the best ideas to expose you to. The concepts are also presented in a very open-minded way that helps you consider whether a particular idea is right for you, and if so shows you how to apply it. Beautiful interface too!
    — Ashley, Graphic Design Student