65 minimalist apps, brands, services & more resources

Here is an edited selection of apps and other resources that will streamline and elevate your life.

This article was originally about 31 minimalist apps but, given it’s popularity, we’ve expanded it to include over 65 minimalist apps, services, brands and other resources.

There are so many ways to streamline your life. Sometimes all it takes it that one app, brand or service that brings about life-changing benefits.

The problem is finding out about them after you've already gone about things the hard way. Which is why we created this list for you.

Building on the unexpected popularity of this viral article, we decided to turn it into a more robust directory of resources across multiple lifestyle and design categories.

We want you to have a single destination for exploring an edited collection of apps, brands, tools and services that streamline and elevate your standard of living.

We in no way believe you need to use all of these resources. If you only find one or two that are relevant that's all that matters.

On the other hand it is not an exhaustive list so bookmark this page as it is updated frequently as we receive and consider your feedback.

Though we may earn a small compensation from select affiliate relationships, the list is entirely based on honest assessments compiled from reader surveys, extensive research and our own personal experience.

Any entry into the directory is evaluated for both beauty and utility, i.e. a clean visually appealing interface plus a practical solution or aid for common goals and challenges.

Organized by key life themes, we hope this is useful in helping you discover resources that support your simple living journey and enhance your appreciation for minimalist design.

First, we start with our featured list which ihighlights our favorite apps and resources from the entire directory.

Then we provide a complete list according to five themes (in alphabetical order): 

  • Business and Blogging

  • Design and Style

  • Money and Personal Finance

  • Self-care and Self-help 

  • Travel and Culture

Featured Resources

After populating the directory we recognized that there were a few resources that unanimously stood out for either their intuitive design and user-experience and/or the overall usefulness of the service itself.

This shortlist represents two or three top picks from each category due to innovation in their industry, excellent reviews and consumer trust, or simply being an app, brand or service that kept coming up amongst our team and in our research.


Business & Blogging

Within the simple living space business is often a neglected theme. However we, as a team of creators and entrepreneurs, recognize the need to streamline your work just a much as other areas of your life, if not more. 

For most, your business or profession is where you spend the bulk of your time each day. So we curated this list to help you be efficient and get more out of the energy and effort you exert. 

Design & Style

Within the minimalist design and style category we first contemplated key areas where having high-quality essentials could completely transform the way you feel throughout the day — specifically being in an aesthetically pleasing space or having confidence in the way you look.

We then sought out brands and resources with outstanding design that made it easy for you to bring about the desired transformation no matter if it’s in the office, home or closet.


Money & Personal Finance

Since financial security is directly linked to feelings of growth and progress, we see it as one of the most important categories to simplify. These apps and services take the complexity out of managing your money and building your wealth. 


Self-care & Self-help

Staying committed to self-care and personal growth is not as easy as it seems. Life often gets in the way of our wellness goals and sometimes adds stressors that impact our physical and mental health.

We compiled this list of brands and services that make it easy to stay on top of the healthy routines and habits that lead to you looking and feeling good, inside and outside. 


Travel & Culture

Leisure activities are important contributors to a happy and well-balanced life. And for many, travel and cultural activities make up the bulk of your hobbies and interests. 

This list highlights a selection of our all-time favorite tools and brands that make it a joy to engage in the pastimes we love. 


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