Do you need a minimalist living coach?


Are you always overwhelmed or feeling like life is too complicated? Here's how a minimalist living coach can help.

Contrary to popular belief, life doesn't have to be so hard. When you live with intention you are able to eliminate the inconsequential and focus on what matters.

Having focus eases your decision-making and empowers you to simplify each area of your life. 

But if you are currently overwhelmed or don't know where to start  — working with a minimalist living coach can make it much easier to make progress rather than going at it alone. 

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Contrary to popular belief, life does not have to be so hard. I'll help you eliminate complications, live with intention, and design a life that's focused only on the essential.

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What is a minimalist living coach?  

The purpose of coaching in general is to partner with a personal development specialist who can assist you in identifying and achieving goals and making significant changes in your life. 

In this partnership, you get help designing and implementing strategies for figuring out and getting to where you want to be in an efficient, effective, and rewarding way. 

Your coach also provides a dedicated support system and acts as an accountability partner, motivating you to stay on track and empowering you along the way.

When it comes to minimalist living, a coach will listen to you explain the areas in life that feel complicated and create a gameplan that helps you streamline them over time. 

What a minimalist living coach isn't?

Your minimalist living coach will not tell you how to run your life nor push their personal advice or biased opinions.

Instead, they are focused on helping you uncover what you want to do and providing you with a set of tools and resources to make decisions that'll bring about the change you desire.

You will always make your own decisions and fully own your actions.

A minimalist living coach is also not a therapist or psychologist and will not counsel you on issues related to mental illness, depression, and the likes.

Where a therapist is often past-oriented — working to unpack things that happened in your life and solve deep-set emotional problems — a coach is future-oriented. They will help you employ tactics that get you from here to there.

Do you need a minimalist living coach? 

When it comes to designing a happy and fulfilling life, there are probably three main challenges that you are sure to face:

  1. You don't have clarity or focus

  2. You don't have a sound process for decision-making. 

  3. You haven’t overcome self-limiting behaviors and can't make progress.

You typically need a minimalist living coach when you have tried, unsuccessfully, to tackle one or more of the barriers mentioned above.

Often times you don’t realize how you are inadvertently sabotaging and hindering yourself, but a skilled coach can identity self-limiting tendencies and help you overcome them.

Moreover, a minimalist living coach will help you with the following and much more:

  • Finding more time to focus on what matters most
  • Improving finances by overcoming frivolous spending
  • Elevating your style and personal image
  • Streamlining your environment and personal space
  • Setting clear priorities and committing to your goals 
  • Making swifter and better decisions based on values
  • Becoming more organized, productive and efficient
  • Shifting to a positive mindset and abundant thinking
  • Living a purpose-driven life with a clear life vision
  • Increasing feelings of happiness and contentment

My coaching practice 

Afer studying business and personal development in graduate school I was motivated to launch a number of personal growth and professional development platforms that empowered people to design their ideal lives.

Coaching is one of my core competencies and minimalism a key philosophy that I live by, so it seemed natural to combine the two to provide a service to those who feel stuck in complex situations. 

My unique approach is inquiry-based, which means I ask you thoughtful questions that help you think about your life in a fresh way.

I've also developed a collection of exclusive personal growth frameworks and simple living tools that you can't find elsewhere.

Moreover, I integrate design thinking into my coaching methods. Design thinking is a proven methodology — part art, part science — for solving problems and discovering opportunities designed by renowned Stanford University professors. 

Lastly, I draw heavily from my experience running Minimalism & Co. The information I curate, content I develop, and feedback I receive daily, helps me gather and retain diverse insights that I’m able to incorporate into the simple living plans I help my clients create.

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