What happens when you wear the same thing daily?


Are you up for a little challenge? If so, I have an interesting one for you. Pick two days (three if you're bold) and wear the same exact thing in a row.

You might want to choose your favorite look if this is your first time doing an outfit repeat in public. You will be shocked at what does and doesn't happen when you wear the same thing every day, and may find some surprising benefits.

After researching psychological biases associated with our self image, I'm placing bets on the following ...


We overestimate the extent to which people are observing us. As discussed in Very Well, it's called the "spotlight effect" and is the tendency for folks to think they are being noticed more than they are.

This unwarranted feeling can lead to unjustified embarrassment and self-consciousness, especially when you do something out of the ordinary (such as wearing the same shirt for three days ... gasp).

I've learned from experience that the ego can't always be trusted and ignoring it from time to time will ease a lot of social pressure.


There's an interesting psychological concept called the looking-glass self that explains how our entire identity and self-image is largely determined by how we believe society perceives us.

Some sociologists believe this affect wears off with age. However, my theory (from personal experience) is that the process of self-realization can be accelerated by occasionally experimenting with off-the-beaten path ways of thinking and living.

So by the time someone notices that you are doing outfit repeats, you may be totally indifferent to their opinion.


Decision fatigue is the phenomenon by which our ability to make sound decisions grossly deteriorates with the more decisions we make.

In the Paradox of Choice, author Barry Schwartz discusses research that shows how too many options can leave us overwhelmed and prone to irrational choice.

But, imagine how much sharper your mind would be if you didn't start the day with hundreds of frivolous decisions (like figuring out what to wear)?

Take a cue from historical greats like Albert Einstein and Former President Barack Obama – streamline your wardrobe so you can focus on what matters most.


Once you start tallying up all the benefits of your daily uniform it'll be hard to go back to the "standard" way of dressing. There's also a behavioral condition for this phenomenon: positive reinforcement.

The favorable consequences of simplifying your style will become addictive, so it's worth taking this little experiment to the next level.

In the capsule wardrobe course, I'll walk you through 10-steps to curating a closet from only essential items that can be combined to construct a few of your favorite go-to uniforms.

You'll learn how to improve your wardrobe and develop a signature style that will save you time and money, minimize decision-making, and increase your confidence.

This is the exact process I used to create my own set of daily uniforms, and I've found it to be an efficient way to tame the ego and become more resistant to some of the psychological tendencies discussed above.

Eliminating the daily what to wear dilemma will work wonders for your psyche, so keep this challenge going and enroll in the course.

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