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Simplify each area of your life with the smart strategies and good habits you’ll learn in the Streamline Your Life Book Series

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The Minimalism Challenge

52 small changes and good habits that will simplify your life each week of the year

A set of 52 weekly lessons grouped by major life themes that teach you how to live easy for an entire year (and beyond) by cultivating awareness, clarity and focus — essential qualities that empower you to simplify your decision-making, build good habits and focus on what matters most.


The Self-Care Challenge

Simplify your well-being with this 12-step healthy living framework

This holistic program is built around 12 pillars that correspond to 12 of the most important elements of health and wellness. The content in each pillar draws from both mainstream and alternative concepts and therapies and is based on science-backed studies derived from reputable health and wellness authorities.


The Sleep Challenge

14 simple sleep solutions to get more and better sleep in only 14 nights

This book will introduce you to the 14 most important elements of good sleep. If you are committed to making small adjustments to your lifestyle, you will see noticeable improvements in sleep duration as well as sleep quality in just 14 nights.


The Style Challenge

A 9-step guide to creating a capsule wardrobe and a curated closet you will love 

Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe which consists of a well-curated closet made up of intentional purchases of essential items that compliment your shape, aesthetic, and lifestyle. It's the outcome of thoughtfully selecting pieces with the perfect fit, fabrics, and colors for you.


 Simple steps

That will change your life

The Streamline Your Life Series is a set of challenges that teach you how to live with awareness, clarity and focus. Yes, there will always be difficulties but life doesn’t have to be so hard — especially when you commit to essential living.

These step-by-step guides support you on your journey to simplifying each area of your life — from work and wellness to style and relationships. Though lightweight and easy to read, they offer a wealth of inspiration and information on how to live a good life, effortlessly.

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Streamline Your Life Series Companion Guides

Bonus Resources

The Companion Guides

Each book in the series comes with a complimentary companion guide that helps you execute the challenges and get the most out of the lessons. Once you order your book you’ll be provided with instructions on how to instantly claim these bonuses.



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She's built a following of over 100,000 engaged readers, hundreds of individual coaching clients and a roster of a dozen iconic and Fortune 500 brands using her intuitive yet strategic approach to personal and business growth. In total her work has reached over 1 million like-minded individuals.

With over a decade of personal and professional development experience, A. Edmond has a knack for leveraging her unique blend of creative and analytical skills to help others improve their life and develop their life’s work.  

A. Edmond works independently and currently focuses most of her efforts on coaching and developing books and courses for fellow independent spirits — creative entrepreneurs who desire freedom, fulfillment and financial success.

A. Edmond received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to being an entrepreneur and coach she worked with and advised iconic brands such as Disney, JPMorganChase, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, eBay, Procter & Gamble, and many more.