Why do so many smart and successful people (presidents, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and more) opt to simplify their style? 

Because it eases decision-making, allowing them to more efficiently allocate their precious resources (time, energy, money) to more important matters.

Unfortunately, many smart people struggle with what to wear on a daily basis because they don't know the secrets to perfecting their wardrobe. 

However, when you learn the benefits of the Capsule Wardrobe method you can dramatically improve your sense of style and build a closet you'll love. 

A Capsule Wardrobe is a thoughtfully assembled collection of timeless pieces that work seamlessly together, allowing you to easily create outfits you love from a small number of pieces.  

You will save more time, spend more wisely, and increase your confidence with your streamlined signature style. Most of all, you'll never worry about what to wear again. 

I think I follow every minimalist style and capsule wardrobe website out there. I’ve read a bunch of blog posts and even a couple of books. Hands down, this is one of the best resources I’ve come across. Thank you SO much!
— Lindsay, Aspiring Dancer
I work in fashion and the temptation to “look the part” is intense. But I’m going broke trying to impress others! I appreciate that the course shows you how to build a practical and beautiful wardrobe. Super relevant in my situation.
— Leah, Social Media Manager
My wife sent me a link to this course. I thought she wanted me to buy it for her. So I did and she was like oh good, you start yet? Haha! Subtle feedback aside, after walking through your modules I see her point.
— Ken, Husband and Sports Coach
Let me keep it real: I look a hot mess. I have zero sense of style and have always struggled with self-esteem issues related to my appearance. I’ve started the course and am SO excited to finally pull myself together.
— Valerie, High School Teacher

Up for the challenge? Then get ready to:  

  1. curate a beautiful and practical collection of only quality essentials that you absolutely love
  2. cease the unnecessary stress and daily frustration associated with a subpar closet and stop worrying about what to wear
  3. create a style that maps to your lifestyle (and life phase) so you look and feel polished no matter what you are doing or where you are going
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I'll guide you through my 10-step approach to building your very own Capsule Wardrobe  


An overview of the Capsule Wardrobe method and why it is one of the most effective tools for simplifying your style and streamlining your closet.  It includes a getting started guide to prep you for success in the course. 


An assessment of how you perceive yourself and how you live your life so your Capsule Wardrobe is the best reflection of who you really are. A supplemental lifestyle workbook will make this assessment easy.  


Using my style profile and inspiration template, I'll help you cultivate a look that is quintessentially you via a process that uncovers your personal aesthetic and signature style. 


After you understand your personal style you'll make changes to your closet by keeping what works and eliminating what doesn't. You'll be guided by my 3-step evaluation process and worksheet. 


You'll create a list of outfits and the essential items you want in your closet and refer to it later in the course as you prepare for shopping. Plus you'll get my wardrobe essentials checklist. 


Before you even think about shopping, however, we'll walk through an exercise to make sure you stay within your financial means, including the simple wardrobe budgeting tool. 


In this lesson you'll go through the process of building your go-to brand list so you can streamline the process of purchasing essential items. You'll also get my directly of minimalist brands (for plus and standard sizes). 


Shopping is optional, but if you find you need to add or replace a few items in your closet, I'll teach you a smart and efficient way to do so and you'll use my efficient shopping planner to accomplish this. 


The fewer items you have the better they should be cared for so this lesson teaches you the best method of extending the life of your clothing. It also includes a fabric care guide for easy reference. 


After all this work we wouldn't want you to revert back to a closet full of stuff you don't adore, so I'll show you how to maintain your Capsule Wardrobe every month or quarter with a master Summary Sheet pulling all the work from previous modules in one place. 

Bonus Content 

To support you in each part of the process your lessons will also include: 

  • Daily emails with the course modules and challenges
  • Self-paced course system (accessible anytime) 
  • Downloadable guides and workbooks
  • Reference list of relevant articles
  • Lifetime availability (including updates) 


Compose a variety of looks or "daily uniforms" from a small number of items that work seamlessly together. 


Select quality fabrics that work best for you and understand how to care for them to increase longevity. 


Create a palette of hues you love but also work well together so every piece can be mixed and matched effortlessly. 


Understand how different fits and styles work for your body type and the activities you typically engage in. 

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Build your perfect closet now 

Get started by previewing the course and get the first lesson free plus an extra special bonus. 


How is this course different?

This well-structured e-course format does a better job than a book or blog post at pacing you through the exact steps to curating an edited closet.

Moreover, the course draws on my personal and professional style and design experience to offer an intuitive, no-drama method for building a wardrobe you will love.

Who is this course for?

The course is a solution to common style and wardrobe challenges for both men and women. It was specifically designed with you in mind if any of the following apply:

  • You're transitioning to a new life phase (new job, new child, new city, etc.) and need your wardrobe to reflect the change.
  • You are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you own or you have limited space and need to pare down.
  • You tend to impulse buy or purchase things that you end up not wanting or needing.
  • You have a limited budget and want to learn how to get more out of it.
  • You aren't into "fashion" but want to look polished and pulled together each day.
  • You don't have a lot of time to get ready or figuring out what to wear stresses you out.
  • You travel frequently and want to learn how to pack light.

What format is the course in?

The course is sent via a daily email with the lesson and challenge plus a self-paced professional course system where all of the premium bonus materials (workbooks and guides, reading recommendations and resources, private group forum) are housed.

How long does it take?

It will take about 15 minutes to consume each lesson however the time you spend applying the lessons to your closet via the daily challenges and supplemental materials is up to you.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! If you believe you didn't benefit from the course then contact me at for a 30-day 100% refund with no questions asked.

I have more questions!

I'm here to answer them! Contact me at and I'll reply promptly.

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Who created this course?

I'm Aja, a former fashion marketing executive turned life coach and personal development entrepreneur with over 100,000 readers and followers. My work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Apartment Therapy, HuffPost, and Thrive Global. 

I've also worked for and partnered with dozens of iconic and emerging lifestyle, luxury, and fashion brands and know the ins and outs of the retail industry (and how hard it can be protecting yourself from over consumption). 

I created my first Capsule Wardrobe over five years ago when I was going through a number of major life changes that required me to be smart about how I was spending my time and energy. As I adopted minimalism as my core philosophy, it was natural that my style would follow suit. 

In this course, I'm sharing the exact same process I developed for myself and that has proven all these years later to be the most effortless way to love the way you look – every single day!