Capsule Wardrobe Brands: Black Crane

We became familiar with Black Crane after seeking a brand to seamlessly integrate into our laid back lifestyle — which is nice but started to present a wardrobe challenge.

Being a bunch of entrepreneurs, freelancers and creators, we work from our home offices, cafes, and shared work spaces.

Our work day consists of writing articles, curating content, discovering and collaborating with brand partners, coordinating with creative directors, and hopping in and out of design shops for inspiration. We also travel several times a month.

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When not working, we're enjoying a nice meal and wine, or traveling for pleasure. So everything we engage is fairly casual and unassuming, but there's still a lot of movement and a need for a versatile selection of pieces that you feel comfortable walking, sitting, cycling, and flying in.

Our challenge was that we found ourselves simply resorting to basics like denim and a button down on a regular basis in the spirit of minimalist efficiency.

Our personal style became non-existent but since many of us work in aesthetic fields, it felt hypocritical to spend our days looking borderline unkempt while preaching about the need for beauty and utility.

The Black Crane label was an exciting discovery that solved our woes by becoming a staple brand in our casual capsule wardrobe. With selections from their structured line, we feel pulled together but without all the fuss.

The husband and wife duo, Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki, draw from their background (in architecture, sustainability, silkscreen printing, and menswear), Japanese roots, and California lifestyle to create minimal silhouettes in breathable fabrics that have an effortless and slightly edgy aesthetic.

The jumpsuits, smocks, overalls, and other pieces in their seasonal collections are roomy but flattering, timeless with vintage inspired elements, and sophisticated without being stuffy — as effortless as jeans and a t-shirt but with much more character.

Our favorite items are those that can be worn multiple times a week while engaging in different activities – which pretty much sums up their entire collection.

The linen kimono style jumpsuit is currently in heavy rotation. For travel we recommend the 100% cotton carpenter pant. The last time you wore an elastic waist might have been when you were a 9-year-old, but these pull-ons have such a relaxed fit and stylish understated details that we can't imagine a better alternative when you are on the road.

Anytime you have a special occasion and need to elevate your look (but don't want to compromise your effortless style), go for the Origami dress. The oversized fit and unfinished hem feel relaxed, but it also features a V-neckline, hits right below the knee, and is constructed from premium cotton gauze, for an all around casually chic statement garment.

As we've gotten older we've become more discerning with the brands we patron and often return to the same list to eliminate the time and energy it takes to research and try out something new. When we do introduce a new designer into our lineup it's because their aesthetic and attention to detail truly fill a void.

As much as we get stopped on the street with inquiries on where we got that romper, we can tell Black Crane is slowly but surely building a cult following amongst like-minded women who desire both form and function in their daily uniform.

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