Capsule Wardrobe Brands: Everlane

There's not much we can say about Everlane that hasn't already been said.

Everlane has become a household name for millennials who love being basic and who want to support peers running startups that just get it.

The "radical transparency", "choose what you pay", and other gimmicks don't phase us. These are just cooler version of marketing ploys.

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What makes Everlane work for us is the fact that we can go to one place for good quality wardrobe staples at a good price.

Oh, and the digital presentation is completely on-point making us want to engage with them.

No, the goods aren't on par with true luxury and artisanal brands but they aren't fast fashion quality either. 

Everlane fills that middle ground in the apparel industry that, up until their launch, had gone almost completely untapped.

Over the years we've had a few hits and misses —(the weekender bags weren't as sturdy as we'd like but our t-shirts seem to be indestructible and the blazers do, indeed, rival premium brands.

But Everlane still gives you more value than what you pay for, every time.

And, judging from the several times we've been contacted to give feedback on new product launches, it seems they have a test and learn culture that we appreciate.

For all the pros and cons, we simply can't help but to love Everlane. They've become our first choice for everyday basics brands.

They continue to reimagine core essentials and present themselves in a way that appeals to the 20- and 30-something set.

Our closets are increasingly becoming dominated by their line up. Simply put, they're just too good – and too cool – to ignore.

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