Capsule Wardrobe Brands: Totême

Our sense of style tends to evolve every few years with age, life changes and personal growth, so it makes sense to adjust what you wear to be a reflection of who you are.

Totême captures the aesthetic often desired by the sophisticated yet understated woman – elevated yet effortless.

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To us, Totême reflects the woman who knows she has it all together but doesn't need to adorn herself with labels to communicate that.

She is polished and poised and consciously crafts a timeless style instead of running after seasonal fashion trends.

The Totême woman looks basic at first glance but she makes you take a second look. Upon closer inspection you see and envy how effortlessly pulled together she is.

The quality of the fabrics, the intention in fit, and the careful silhouettes are all hallmarks of Totême that help wearers exude pure confidence and validate their, already strong, sense of self.

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