Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: Black Jeans

Our capsule wardrobe basics checklist series is focused on how to wear and where to buy the most important items you need in your closet.


In each post we discuss one item from our capsule wardrobe essentials list and provide recommendations on where to buy it, what to look for (especially fit, fabrication, and color), and how to care for it. In this post we discuss black jeans.

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Black denim jeans


Men or women looking for a daily uniform staple (especially the creative class).


The color goes with anything you can possibly think to pair with them. Also while blue denim has a workwear association, black jeans have artsy roots that make them the creative's uniform.


We live in black jeans in fall and winter (and even in the cool spring months in places like Berlin and Brooklyn where a few of us are based).

We only need one pair at a time and wear them for years – usually keeping them until they fade to a lovely ashen gray.


Well under $100 bucks with a quality that rivals premium brands, Everlane has become our go-to for denim staples.

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