Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: Sleepwear

If we told you what we used to wear to bed you'd question our (style) sense. It's one thing to put minimal effort into sleepwear (because who sees you anyway), but it's another to look (and feel) downright shabby.

Having good sleep hygiene is important and what you wear should be integrated into your getting ready for bed routine. Not just for style (though that's a major plus) but more so for comfort. The cut and fabrication of your sleepwear should enhance your nighttime experience.

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In the spirit of our renewed focus on improving sleep quality we've been  doing what we've never thought to do before: tossing the rags for a legitimate set of pajamas. After researching a dozen different brands, here are our runner ups.


Yolke is a London based sleepwear and loungewear line compromised of beautiful silk print pieces. Not all of their line is minimalist but we appreciate that their collections are tailored to be practical with versatile pieces appropriate for a range of lifestyle moments. They even have a bespoke service offering classic customized monogramming.


Lake pajamas are practical and comfortable without sacrificing style. The simple silhouettes come in classic prints and colors and are knitted from luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton. You could definitely extend these beyond sleep to weekend loungewear. They're so cute and colorful you'd find it hard to resist showing off.


In Bed is a full scale sleep in style destination offering a complete range of home goods that celebrate the place we spend most of our time in. Their sleepwear line is compromised of super soft linen and cashmere. Their linen sets, especially, could double as a casual loungewear.


Skin has an impressive set of basics for sleep, lounge, living, and intimates in sustainable fabrics, neutral colors, and comfortable silhouettes. We love how understated and practical their collection is and there's not one item we wouldn't want to add to our wardrobe.


Maison du Soir is a contemporary line of lounge essentials made of soft, luxurious fabrics. They incorporate beautiful prints and details to ensure you look and feel beautiful. We particularly love how feminine the items are.

We sleep longer than we do any other activity throughout the day. It's worth making a small investment in quality sleepwear — clearly one of the most important (and most used) items in our wardrobe.