Capsule Wardrobe Tips: Is it Right for You?

We know from reader feedback that many of you may be strongly considering making some personal style changes – specifically consider a capsule wardrobe. Our capsule wardrobe ideas get read by tens of thousands of individuals each month so we know streamlining the closet is a mainstream interest.

On the other hand, we have many friends and family members who don't appreciate the concept. So instead of jumping on the bandwagon, we created a list of reasons why a capsule wardrobe may not right for you.

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You are not overwhelmed by options

One of the biggest causes of complexity are inconsequential things that we give more consideration to than they deserve. For many, making a decision about what to wear each morning falls into this category. But if too much choice doesn't stress you out or you're good about focusing on your priorities, then you may not need this a strategy.

You have enough space for your things

If you are an urban dweller then you're likely dealing with space constraints. Even if you live in a small town you space may be limited (perhaps because you have a large family). As much as you may love your clothes, it's not fun when your closet is busting at the seams. But if you have enough space for all of your stuff maybe there's no need to scale down.

You are 100% confident in your style

The process of simplifying your wardrobe calls for a keen sense of style. You need to first understand what works for you (and what doesn't) before you start eliminating items to make room for the essentials. Yet if you absolutely love the way you dress and already have a lot of confidence in your well-defined look then you may not need assistance in this area.

You have a very eclectic aesthetic

Speaking of style, we know a few individuals who have a very diverse aesthetic. They draw inspiration from many different influences and their taste shifts often. If you too have a knack for mixing and matching a bunch of different prints, colors, and silhouettes to create an unusual look then simplification may take the fun out of dressing for you.

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You have a lot of stability in your life

Concepts like the capsule wardrobe are valuable solutions for people going through major life changes. Having a child or moving to a new city are just a few examples of the situations where a streamlined wardrobe can be a godsend. But what if you are stable right now? You might not need to start tinkering with your closet (or anything else) if life is on auto-pilot.

You have a high discretionary budget

If you have money to spend on clothes (without going into debt or neglecting responsibilities) then shop if it's an enjoyable pastime! We're all for not having a scarcity mindset and if your financial situation enables you to spend freely then don't put undue restrictions on yourself. For others, a simple style is a great way to get more from your budget.

You can shop without impulse buying

Before we developed a thoughtful process for making purchases we frequently fell into the trap of impulse buying and ended up with many things we did not need. It's a dangerous psychological trick that retailers take advantage of and that millions of people become victim to. But not everyone struggles with this and some have a fail-proof process for avoiding temptation.

You can't commit to the process

If the opposite of any point in the list above applies to you then it is likely that streamlining your wardrobe could be a practical way to eliminate unnecessary stress in your life. However, maybe you are skeptical of the process or don't think you have the discipline to carry it through. That could be the case, but why not give it a try and see first?