[TMC] Lesson 1: Overcome Scarcity Thinking


In the first lesson of The Minimalism Challenge we discuss how to overcome scarcity thinking — an excessive focus on what you lack that takes away from you have. 

Lesson Overview

From a child onward you have likely been drilled with cliches like:

  • "Time is of the essence" 
  • "Life is too short"
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees" 

And all of these lessons contributed to your view that resources in this world are limited. So now, as an adult, you probably believe that there's only so much to go around and one person's gain must be another person's loss.

This belief fuels scarcity thinking which leads to an irrational fear of lack — and those fearful, self-limiting thoughts actually cause you to mismanage your resources.

Sometimes even simple living enthusiasts fall into this trap by mistakingly thinking that minimalism automatically equates to frugality and extreme forms of deprivation. 

However, you can overcome your fear of lack, correct your misunderstandings, and establish a sense of security.

Take The Minimalism Challenge to find out how. 

Aja Nicole Edmond