[TMC] Lesson 11: Balance Money and Meaning


In the 11th lesson of The Minimalism Challenge, we’ll discuss one of the greatest dilemmas you’ll face in your quest for purposeful, intentional, simple living —  how to balance money and meaning. 

Lesson Overview

Whether money buys happiness does not have a definitive answer. Wealth is not defined by money but richness of life. Though, there’s no denying that quality of life is largely determined by economic prosperity.

Our notoriously tumultuous relationship with money is often rooted in confusion around its role: the muddled lines between whether it is merely a means to an end or an end itself, and whether it has inherent value or is solely one of many mediums of exchange.

One remedy to our money woes is to gain clarity on what money is and isn’t and what it can and can’t do for us.

Take the Minimalism Challenge to learn how to put money in its proper place and allocate your energy to other worthy causes. 

Aja Nicole Edmond