[TMC] Lesson 12: Streamline Your Style


In the 12th lesson of The Minimalism Challenge, we’ll discuss how to simplify your style using the capsule wardrobe concept. 

Lesson Overview

  • How do you create a stylish but functional wardrobe you feel confident in?
  • How might you adjust your wardrobe to align with major life changes? 
  • How can you pull yourself together stylishly yet effortlessly each morning? 

These are just a few of the challenges many experience when it comes to their closet. Spending the time to streamline your style and perfect your wardrobe is worth the investment. 

That’s because it eases decision-making and allows you to more efficiently allocate your precious resources (time, energy, money) to more pressing matters (vs. stressing out about what to wear everyday).

Take the Minimalism Challenge to learn one of the best methods you can use to design an easy and effortless style — building a capsule wardrobe. 

Aja Nicole Edmond