[TMC] Lesson 5: Indulge in Simple Pleasures


In the fifth lesson of The Minimalism Challenge we focus on one of the easiest ways to integrate minimalism into your life — indulge in simple pleasures.  

Lesson Overview

One emotion that can cause a lot of unhappiness in our lives, if not kept in balance, is desire. 

On one hand, human beings have an inherent longing to survive and thrive which shouldn’t be ignored, as it is part of our evolutionary fabric. 

On the other hand, research has shown us that wanting and even receiving more of certain things doesn’t make us happier over the long run. 

So what can be done to strike the proper balance between nurturing our innate needs and goals while not being tricked into the “rat race”?

Take The Minimalism Challenge to find out how. 

Aja Nicole Edmond