Ready to change your life through simple living?

Contrary to popular belief, life does not have to be hard. This membership program will help you live with intention and design a life that's focused only on the essential. 


pillars of the Program


Are you completely overwhelmed with life or work? 

Does life seem overly complex and complicated? 

Do you have too much material or mental clutter? 

Do you lack a clear life vision or purpose in life? 

Are multiple areas of life feeling messy and disorganized? 

Do you constantly neglect what matters most to you? 

Are you fickle and indecisive with everyday choices?

Do you impulse buy or mindlessly consume things you don't need? 

Do you ruminate on issues and harbor a lot of negative self talk? 

Many people spend each day harboring certain expectations for their life that they don't feel empowered to turn into reality. That's because they don't realize it's possible to live and work with intention.



The members-only resource library houses a robust set of content that will help you eliminate the inconsequential and focus on what matters most to you in life. Examples of the transformation you can experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Finding more time to focus on what matters most

  • Improving finances by overcoming frivolous spending

  • Elevating your style and personal image

  • Streamlining your environment and personal space

  • Setting clear priorities and committing to your goals

  • Making swifter and better decisions based on values

  • Becoming more organized, productive and efficient

  • Shifting to a positive mindset and abundant thinking

  • Living a purpose-driven life with a clear life vision

  • Increasing feelings of happiness and contentment

exclusive content

The comprehensive content in the library includes courses, workbooks and e-books categorized by popular topics, such as:

The Minimalism Challenge — How to cultivate awareness, clarity and focus — essential qualities that empower you to simplify your decision-making, build good habits and focus on what matters most.

The Style Challenge — How to create a capsule wardrobe which consists of a well-curated closet made up of intentional purchases of essential items that compliment your shape, aesthetic, and lifestyle.

The Self-Care Challenge — How to simplify your well-being and self-care routine using science-backed studies derived from reputable health and wellness authorities.

The Sleep Challenge — How to make significant improvements in your sleep duration as well as sleep quality in a short period of time.

Online Forum

Access to our active community forum with like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting the group in streamlining and simplifying.

New Resources

Brand new content in the form of challenges, guides, and trainings are updated and added to the library on a regular basis giving you fresh insights and ideas to inspire you on your simplicity journey.

BONUS Resources

Instant access to our entire Streamline Your Life book series is included in the membership. That’s all four books downloadable in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats.


Common Questions

How do I enroll?

Use the enroll now button to start the membership (which is only $9 per month) and instructions for accessing the content will be immediately sent to your email.

What is the investment?

The program is only $9 per month payable via any major debit or credit card.

How can I cancel?

You will see a clear cancellation button on your membership account page. You can cancel at any time.

Is there a refund policy?

There is no need for one as you can cancel your membership at anytime!

How does it work?

Upon enrollment you will receive a welcome note from our founder, Aja Edmond, communicating the information you need to start diving into the resource library.

I have more questions!

We are here to answer them! Use the form at the bottom of this page and we'll reply to you promptly.

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