Upgrade Your Travel

What are the must-have minimalist essentials to incorporate into your travel bag? First, learn how to pack right then consider upgrading with select goods. 

We're frequent travels and have an intimate understanding of the needs of those who are constantly on the road. If you are like us, then you probably prefer to carry-on only which means limited space for anything that is not an absolute essential. When considering the three most used items in our travel packs, this is what immediately came to mind. 


Staying hydrated is key no matter your travel agenda but the days of unattractive environmentally-unfriendly disposable bottles are over. 


If you travel abroad frequently your beloved passport probably goes through a lot. Why not protect it with a sturdy case that also speaks volumes about your elevated sense of style? 


Having a catch-all pouch in your carry-on bag is an absolute necessity. You don't want your pens, notebooks, documents, beauty essentials, and other small items shifting all over your bag during flight.