Streamline your life with the one-year minimalism challenge

Email Course + Resource Library

The resource library is comprised of dozens of challenges and guides, neatly organized by major life themes.

These resources will teach you different principles of minimalism and show you how to apply them.

Each month for an entire year you’ll receive an email with a new challenge or you can explore all of the lessons at your own pace.

Examples of the transformation you may experience after each challenge includes, but is not limited to:

  • Finding more time to focus on what matters most

  • Improving finances by overcoming frivolous spending

  • Elevating your style and personal image

  • Streamlining your environment and personal space

  • Setting clear priorities and committing to your goals

  • Making swifter and better decisions based on values

  • Becoming more organized, productive and efficient

  • Shifting to a positive mindset and abundant thinking

  • Living a purpose-driven life with a clear life vision

  • Increasing feelings of happiness and contentment


Practice simple living for only $4.99/month with this resource library + one-year course